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August 22, 2021
How to Buy the Best Solar Inverter for Residential Use
How to Buy the Best Solar Inverter for Residential Use
July 17, 2021
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Effective Ways to Improve Solar Panel Efficiency

Effective Ways to Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel systems help you in saving electricity bills, likewise avoiding power issues in times of blackouts. It is a sustainable energy source that converts sunlight into electricity. Solar panels have different photovoltaic cells which collect energy from the sun—here, we will discuss some of the effective ways to increase the solar panel efficiency;

Use one Device at a Time

  • Try not to use extra devices at one time, calculate your needs and then use the power according to that.
  • Make a standard user chart, then disconnect the devices that you are in use at the same time—consume them at different times while on the solar system.
  • While using electricity from solar panels, use the fans, lights, batteries, TV, some other devices at different hours of the day.
  • For Example: In the morning the sunlight is enough to lighten your room, so avoid turning on the lights.
  • If you are watching TV, disconnect the laptop or phone batteries (that are not in use), Wi-Fi to enhance the solar panel’s efficiency.
  • Using devices in such a manner, you will get the perfect voltage; will also save sufficient energy available for all the devices in the entire day.
  • Moreover, you will have additional energy saved in your battery to use at the night.
  • Understand your needs and learn how not to overburden your PV inverter to have a stable solar system.

Note: This is known as the most proven and effective way to enhance the efficiency of solar panels.

Install Backup Batteries

  • Solar batteries can store much solar energy from the sun which can be used at night or if the weather is cloudy or not favorable.
  • At sudden power cuts, solar batteries help you to power your house.
  • When you are planning to buy a DC to AC inverter, always keep the money for buying a solar battery too that will store extra power for your house.
  • Gadgets like solar umbrellas, solar torch, and solar lamps are inbuilt in your solar panel systems—when at night or in cloudy weather you can put the solar system out to recharge them.

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Usage of Solar Concentrator

  • The solar light can get concentrated while using a solar concentrator.
  • It is an expensive method.
  • The main reason for using the solar concentrators is that the light falling on the larger area concentrates it to smaller areas.
  • In this method, large mirrors and some other devices are being used.
  • Through using a solar concentrator, the efficiency of solar panels will be enhanced.
  • You also save money plus will get extra energy while using solar concentrators.

Clean the Solar Panels

  • The most common tip to increase the efficiency of your solar panels is to keep them clean enough.
  • If any dust you find on the glasses of your solar panels, clean them because they reduce the efficiency of your PV system.
  • It will also result in that the sunlight will not properly get to the panels and less energy will be stored.
  • So, make sure that there is no dust or dirt gathered on your solar panels.

Correctly Place your Solar Panels

  • The solar panels should be placed at the right location.
  • The angles of the panels where it tilts should be at the right position.
  • When the solar panels are installed at a right angle, make sure that the sunlight properly gets to the panels, all day or all the year.
  • If you live in the southern area, then the angle of the panels should be facing the north hemisphere.
  • Similarly, if you are living in the northern part, panels should be toward the south hemisphere.
  • Such angles will make sure that the panels get sunlight in a larger timeframe to generate more power.

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Avoid Shaded Areas

  • When you are installing the solar panels, make sure that they are not on the shaded side.
  • This will have the opposite effect on the power output.
  • By installing the solar panels in shady areas, the panels will not get the proper sunlight through which it cannot generate more power.
  • Solar panels will be more affected if you connect them in a series.
  • If any of the panels are shaded, the energy generated by the solar panels by their neighbors will be depleted.
  • The shady areas act as resistors, also determining the total current—this act will decrease the efficiency of your solar panels, so avoid shaded areas.

Prevent an Increase in Temperature

  • The abrupt increase in temperature has an impact on the efficiency of solar panels.
  • Efficiency will reduce if the temperature gets high.
  • So, one should take care not to overburden the PV system or to connect fewer devices at a time with your solar panel system.
  • Also, make sure while installing the solar panels that there must be a good gap between the panels and your roof, to ensure plenty of space for air movement. This will protect the solar panels from excessive heat – will also increase the efficiency of the system.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel Components

The components chosen for the solar panel system likewise play an important role in the efficiency of PV technology—for instance, the solar inverters; they convert the DC power into AC. The rate of energy loss in the form of DC really matters in the outcome, thus getting relevant models that have higher efficiency will ensure more power generation. Here, at Maxpower, the efficient models are;


These are the tips and tricks to improve the efficiency of your solar panel system. By following these steps, you maximize the energy production of your solar panel system. If you prefer to utilize the energy in several ways, it will minimize your electricity bills plus the production loss too. From the on/off-grid solar panel, it is good enough to use the off-grid one with batteries as it will help in developing your own independent power source. Solar panel systems are the greatest alternative because they supply enough power to meet your needs throughout the year. So, choose a good quality solar system for 2021, so it can work for you for decades.