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August 28, 2021
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How You Can Make Profits with Solar Energy?    

Solar panel systems are becoming a hot prop these days, making energy production much reliable. Commercial and residential, both sides are moving from energy dependency to solar and wind turbine. The life span of PV systems, outcomes from it are way more beneficial as compared to the expenditure. The peace of not being bothered by the national providers for extensive bills, load shedding, and blackouts is soothing.

Questions like “is it possible to earn from solar energy?” or “how can I make profits with solar energy?” fill in our query sections a lot. Thus, here, we will be providing answers to; what you need, what hurdles you might face, and pro tips that will help you escalate your solar energy revenue.

How Solar Panel System Works? & how Energy is produced?

The solar panel systems work on the principle of photovoltaic conversion—the sunlight radiations fall on the solar plates which have the semiconductors. These semiconductors have electrons which are freed when the sun rays hit them; the running electron creates the electric current. The solar plates have these semiconductors in the form of known crystals—responsible for the production.

The energy is produced through the solar plates installed on the roofs, this is sent down to the other solar components (solar inverter or battery). The solar energy produced from the plates is in the form of DC, which cannot be consumed directly. As the standard appliances in the house are operated on the AC, thus the solar inverters are used for the inversion of DC from the panels to AC for storage or consummate.

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Which way? Off-Grid or On-Grid?

Now that the solar energy is being produced from the panels, the question arises, which is better to have—an off-grid or grid system. Let’s make it clear, the PV technology of both is the same, the difference lies in where the excess energy after the consummate if it is deposited in the grid then the system is an On-grid. On the other hand, an off-grid system is not attached to any grid; the excess energy generated is deposited in the battery packs.

What is Required to Earn with the Solar Panel System?

Off-course the solar panel systems are required to earn with solar energy! But, what next and is in-depth there? You have to be very keen about the formula of how much revenue you want out of your solar panel system, plus answering some of the personal circumstances about the solar panel system is likewise helpful. For example;

Is it you want to install them in your house?

What extent of energy out of them do you are intending to consume yourself?

What is your capital for the installation?

Answering these will allow you to estimate your revenue out of the solar panel systems. Well, going green with energy is essential but with this field of investment, you might need to wait to reach the breakeven point—but the calmness of not being involved in the monthly bills, and getting rewards monthly will be worth it.

Here, follow as;

  • Make sure to install an on-grid solar panel system and connect it to the grid, otherwise, there will be no point in earning with solar energy.
  • The minimal lifespan of any solar panel system is at least 25-30 years. (solar solutions from Max Power can help with maintenance and extended life)
  • The monthly return on the capital investment is around 3-7%. (depending on the climate/efficiency of the solar plates)
  • The solar panels in the hotter regions with extended sunlight approaches (longer daylights) are twice effective as the panel installed in the frosty regions.
  • The regular maintenance of the panels plays a keen role in the production of energy productions—dust and debris deposited on the surface lower the conversion rate.
  • The solar inverters used for the inversion of the DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current) have an overall impact on the gross production. The loss of energy must be minimal—efficient models like Suntronic 6000 On-Grid Inverter have an efficiency of 96%.

How Solar Power System Makes Revenue?

Energy production is the key to making revenue, insight of the formula is; you have to out-beat the consummate and the production should be larger. For instance, the place you have installed solar panels on your house’s roof, now that the average energy requirement of your house is around 12-15 units—likewise, your panel can produce energy of 15-18 units. The extra 2-5 units are the excess energy, which can be deposited in the grid.

These are deposited in the form of Feed-in-Tariff, different energy suppliers like WAPDA, support this plan and gives you credits in return. These credits are exchangeable to energy from the suppliers as well as money too. So, the intent of solar panels is to make revenue, then, yes, these credits are convertible to cash.

How to Increase the Revenue Out of Solar Energy?

The aesthetics of this model is simples; install the solar panel system, connect to the grid and receive the credits, but the query is how we can actually increase the revenue out of it. As when there is a will there is way, thus, there are some;

Produce Solar Energy Commercially without Commercial Tax

The solar energy produced out of PV technology being in the intent of commercial production will take the owner in the jargon of extensive taxations. In order to avoid this, and keep the profits in smoothness—install the solar panel systems in any residential or commercial building with the intent of self-consume, now, attach a very minimal of appliances to the solar production (2-3 fluorescent bulbs, not more than that), the other way around, if the place needs energy, take it from the national suppliers, balance the consuming ratio with the energy drawn from them. Make sure to show the production as you are self-consuming, this will keep the profitability high from the mark-up of energy taken from suppliers, as there would be no jargon of taxations.

Pro Tip; If You Are Constructing or Will Construct Your Place

If you are willing to construct any residential or commercial place, there is a way to boost your energy production without any hassle of commercial tax, or consummate. Here, you can do as;

  • When the construction of the building begins, wait until it reaches the point of gray structure been ready.
  • Install the solar panel system and attach it to the grid over the gray structure over the building, make sure you get the roof work done first. (You might not want to disturb the solar arrays).
  • Now, that you have installed the solar panel systems being connected to the grid, start the system and let it produce energy, while the other work of the building is in-process—like paints, interior installation, woodwork, etc.
  • At the time, when the place would be ready for habitation, around 4 to 6 months after the installation, it would have generated 15-20 % of the capital invested in the solar panel system.


The solar panel systems are becoming an alternate of energy dependency over the typical energy from the grid stations. The pros of earning out of the solar panel are actual. Here, we have discussed how solar energy is produced out of plates, how they are converted in cash, and what are the insights where you can actually convert it to attain money. The pro-tips of installing the solar panel system over the building that is still in construction. By the time it will stand out for habitation, the PV system would have generated a good amount of energy without any consummate expenditure.