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September 3, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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How to choose a solar installer

Introduction: If you are in a decision to decrease the environmental pollution and electricity bill, then choosing a reputable solar installer is the best way. It is becoming a popular way to meet the increasing demand of power for home and business purposes. But all the solar installers are not expertise and reliable with high-quality workmanship and also give the best customer service to the efficient performance on behalf of the investments.

Getting user experiences: The home solar system has many types and pieces of hardware for installation; the best way to select is first asking the friends and family members about the experience with the installers and also read the review about the installers on the customer review. The review of actual customers is the best way to find out the best and satisfactory experience and the complaints registered on the product.

Getting quotes: Request a quote from various installers serving around the localities compare the price tag initially proportional to the quality of the product on review and the energy usage should also take into account to decide the energy to be offset. All the things beside it are to be noted that a response from the company for the quote request will revile the responsiveness of the company.

Considering Design: The installer must know your needs and concerns and they should recommend the panels which best suits you in all aspects of budget, aesthetics, and desired electric output for the requirement. The two most sold solar panels for the residential requirements are Polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) and monocrystalline silicon (Si).

Panel and Inverter Warranties: The solar panels are long-time investments hence they have a warranty of about 25-35 years. The warranty should also cover repairs of the cell and their electric production fall below the given percentage. They also cover warranty for the other components like glass, laminate, and backing. The most susceptible breakdown cause is the inverters because they are components that convert the collected DC power into an AC power. Normal inverters cover warranty period for 5-10 years and the micro inverters cover warranty for about 25 years.

Cautious on sales tactics: The solar power is becoming a popular source for residential and official use of electricity. They installers offering the best quality products don’t need more tactics to make you buy the product and you should be cautious about the fake price for the quality provided in name of discounts in order to make you take an immediate decision of buying.

Consider certification: The certification is to assure that the panels are installed correctly and carefully. There are many certifications that are customer-driven accreditation that indicated strict eligibility requirements for the business.

Financing procedures: Mostly the investors are not in an economic condition to make a full payment and hence various financing options are availed. A good solar installer is liable to explain all the choices of the payment so that you can decide the best suiting payment method for you.

Conclusion: It is a big commitment of going solar and so it is much important to consider the installer’s company which provides the best quality panels, inverters and also installing them with the best accuracy, precision, and regular timely maintenance when needed.