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September 3, 2020
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Selecting the best solar panels


The solar panels are primarily used in far-flung, rural areas, now it’s getting popularity among the urbanists also. The micropower plant can be created with the help of installing a solar system which can produce enough energy to fulfill all the energy demand of all household needs. It’s a bit expensive but the maintenance costs are negotiable and no running cost. It is very important while selecting the solar panels for the solar power system. There are few things to be in mind before buying panels. This article suggests you for selecting the best possible decision on selecting a solar panel.

Cost and quality of panel:

The solar system’s cost is one of the major concerns for many economy class users. The choices of the panels differ according to the amount you invest in them. It must be taken into consideration that the cheapest ones do not always come with the best quality. the characters like wattage, quality of assembly, physical size, material longevity, and certification are the factors influencing the price tag of panels.

Selection of manufacturers:

It is an important factor to be considered, that the manufacturers quality and reliability of the product before buying the solar panels. Do make sure that the company is reputed and is reliable and expert in the solar market. It will also be better to have small research on the company before proceeding to buy the product.

Consider Size and wattage of panels:

The energy generated will depend on the area of the panel and the efficiency of it. There are many solar calculators available to calculate the amount of energy needed to meet the daily needs of the residence or the industry. The power output is calculated in wattage as we all know. The solar panels are of different wattage according to the requirement and it is to be noted that a 200-watts solar panel can produce the output of about 200-watts on ideal sunlight condition.

Consider Durability and Warranty:

The users will probably have long-term thinking for the large investments on solar panels and probably the durability and warranty must be considered while buying. A good solar panel can last for more than 30 years and more and some of the reputed companies may extend their warranty further.

Selection of Tiers of solar panels:

The solar panels are classified into many tiers by both the methodology of manufacturing and materials used for the production. The tier one includes the top 2% of solar manufacturers and they are vertically integrated, which means they control each stage of the manufacturing process they invest more in the research and development and they use advanced robotics processes to manufacture the solar panels. Tier two include companies which have less investment in research and development they have both robotic and manual process of production. Tier 3 incorporates 90% of new solar panels manufacturers. This type of company only assembles the solar panels hence availing the cheap price tag.


Finally, there are some key points to be considered while buying the panels apart from the cost such as module and manufacturing material of the panel, consider the panels tolerance, co-efficient rating, and warranty details. It is better to get users to review the panels before buying them.

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