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8 Things About Solar System That You Must Consider Before Buying Them

8 Things You Must Consider Before Buying Solar Panel System

Electricity costs are increasing day by day, that people consider solar panel systems better for their homes. Since solar power systems are emerging and no doubt they are much more efficient and economical then the typical thermal & hydro power based generated electricity. As solar power awareness is still a major factor to go through before getting them for your residency, here we have some benefits and disadvantages listed below that solar system makers don’t want you to know about solar panels.

Understanding, Why You Need Solar Systems For Your Home

A solar panel system is amended for their low electricity bills and environment-friendly system–whereas a household that has a very negligible electrical consumption, doesn’t necessarily have to invest a capital in a solar panel system. Owners must evaluate the long term perspective for the capital to be invested in the solar panel system. Although, if the residence needs to be occupied by mass in future then it would be a viable move to go for a PV system over the place. In order to avoid the hassle of paying bills recurring, if there are no such caretakers of the place, then disconnecting the solar panel system would be suggested. 

Solar Systems Require Time to Time Maintenance

There are no parts in the solar panels which move, so there is no need to replace anything–It is necessary to get the solar panels maintained almost every year, but don’t let this trick get to you. It is suggested to;

  • Clean any dust or debris from solar panels several times a year. 
  • Avoid washing the panels in the daytime because they are warm and cold water can cause a crack on the hot panels.

Renters Might Need A Building Permit to Install Solar Panels

The installation of solar panels may depend upon the area you live; you might need a permit to install the panels in your home. If you don’t have a proper permit, you might not be able to install the solar panel system at your place.

Solar Panel Efficiency has a Retention Rate 

There is not a huge drop in the efficiency of solar panels. Still, the makers won’t disclose this to their consumers right after the installation. According to research, the efficiency of solar panels drops by a percent each year. That means if the panels are 10 years old, the panels running efficiency will be left about 90%. 

Tax Credits and SRECs Have a Retention Rate

Solar system makers will force the consumers to plow money into their products for several reasons. Moreover, also promise you tax credits and SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credit). An SREC is earned when each Megawatt-hour of electricity is obtained by solar panels. SRECs are sold to some utility companies in some specific states like Massachusetts. These companies then will purchase some SREC from the house owners and will pay them for each SREC. Credits like these are a great motivation, but they are not a continuous promise. 

Power Will Still Be Lost During an Outage

After the installation of the solar panel system, you must be thinking that “if there is a power outage, you’ll still have electricity at your place”. Unfortunately, this is not possible, because the solar system produces energy that is consumed continuously. A battery backup system is important with your solar panel system because the solar panels generate more energy than your house needs, so the extra power needs to go anywhere. Still, if there is an outage, the solar will shut down to protect the utility workers from any injury.

Keenly Watch Out for Your Solar System Warranty

One should research the solar panel systems and see which has the best warranty. Maxpower has a range of different solar systems with different warranties, so go for the best one. Most solar systems have 20 to 25 years of warranty, which seems to be an investment pay off, also can make a profit. For that, always choose a solar system maker, who has a good reputation. To choose the best one you can check 

Investigate Your House Too, Whether It Fits Your Choice of Solar System

Before installing a solar panel you should check your roof if it’s structurally fine and supportive for solar panels. You also have to cut down the trees around your house for proper sunlight. These are things the solar panel makers will not tell you and happily install the solar panel in your house, for which you have to regret for years. So, you should consider these things before installing a solar panel system.

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What are the facts about Solar Panels?

The facts about solar panels are;

  • They are noise pollution-free.
  • The Solar system has no moving parts and they require only sunlight to produce electricity.
  • A Solar system consists of panels, a battery, an inverter, wiring, a charge regulator, and some support materials.

What are some environmental benefits of Solar Energy?

The Solar power system is environment friendly and has many environmental benefits like;

How to find how much you pay for electricity?

To find out how much you pay for electricity or how much electricity is used per month is to take a look at the electricity bill. Every detail about electricity consumption is mentioned in the bill.

How can the solar system affect my property values?

Research has shown that the properties that have a solar system installed will sell faster than the houses that don’t. Solar power system only increases the value of the property.


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