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Choosing the Best Solar Inverter for Your Home—Solar Inverter Guide 2021

Solar inverters also referred as PV inverters convert the DC current produced by the solar panels into AC current used by the home appliances. Apart from solar panels, PV inverters are the next most vital part of a PV system. What you might not realize is that the component of your solar system that is most likely to fail in the first 10 to 15 years is the inverter. That’s because they function all day long.

Switching to renewable energy sources like solar power in this time of frequent power blackouts and outages especially in Pakistan has become the need of the hour. Besides, solar power proves to be quite economical in the long run too as it cuts down on your electricity bills. Solar energy does no harm to mother nature as well thus it contributes to paving the way for a sustainable future. Therefore, many people around us are seen investing in inverters for solar systems in recent years, so they work at their best.

In this regard, the most common queries i.e. How to select the best solar inverter for their PV systems? If you’re considering purchasing an inverter for solar systems, visit Maxpower for complete information about solar inverters.

Things to Look in A Solar Inverter for Home

Here, we have summoned the information you need to choose the best solar inverter 2021. Below is the buying guide for purchasing the DC to AC inverters.

  • Calculate your Home Power Requirements
  • Working Voltage Range of Your Inverter
  • Check the Inverter Wattage Rating
  • Inverter Output
  • Choosing Compatible Solar Batteries
  • Determination of inverters size
  • Check the Durability of the Solar Inverters

Calculate your Home Power Requirements

The first and foremost aspect that you should consider while purchasing an inverter for a solar system is to calculate the power requirements of your home appliances. Besides, it’s better to choose an inverter for your PV system that has a bit higher capcacity than your estimated power prerequisites so that it could cater to your home power requirements in case of any energy loss in the PV inverters.

Working Voltage Range of Your Inverter

While choosing DC to AC inverters, bear in your mind that each inverter is designed to work with a specific voltage range of the DC input. A 48volt inverter cannot be connected to any other battery except for a 48V battery.

Check the Inverter Wattage Rating

Prospective DC to AC inverters customers should research well before purchasing one as not all the inverters function well for the household appliances. Each inverter for a solar system is rated by Watts. At the output, there is a continuous wattage rating and surge wattage rating.  For example, consider a pure sine inverter rated at 1500 watts continuous power so if you have continuous duty loads such as lights and laptop chargers, the inverter shouldn’t exceed this wattage rating. To use an inverter rated at 3000 watts surge power to power inductive loads like electric fans, motors, or water pumps, you need to consider this wattage rating while sizing your DC to AC inverters.

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Look for High Solar Inverter Efficiency

The next vital factor is the solar inverter efficiency which can’t be overlooked while choosing solar inverters for your PV systems. It is the ratio of output to input power i.e., how much power are you getting from the DC input to AC output! Generally, solar inverter efficiency is maximum on high loads. Typically, 80-85% is the standard efficiency of most of these inverters. Some specialized PV inverters can go up to 90% efficiency.

Inverter Output

The inverter output is the key factor that must be taken into account before purchasing a solar inverter in Pakistan. Modified and pure sine refer to the waveform in the AC output of the inverter. Pure sine wave inverters are designed to have cleaner output and less total harmonic distortion as opposed to modified sine wave inverters which are very noisy and have choppy waveforms. Modified inverters can negatively affect the working of your appliances as they are cheaper and are less efficient. If you have inductive loads connected to a modified sine wave inverter, they won’t run as efficiently and will generate more heat because those appliances are designed to be connected to the grid or to a clean waveform. Thus, you should prefer using pure sine wave inverters for your PV systems

Choosing Compatible Solar Batteries

The execution of a solar inverter in Pakistan depends on solar batteries. For powering more of the home appliances at a time, consider solar batteries with large useable capacity, more power ratings, and high efficiency, Mostly, Lead Acid battery is used for inverters for solar systems. Lithium- nickel manganese cobalt solar batteries are preferred for constrained spaces while lithium iron phosphate batteries [LFP] function for the longest lifetimes.


Determination of Inverters Size

When it comes to the size determination of your PV inverters, it should be nearly equivalent to the DC rating of the solar system. For instance, you need to install a 5kW inverter with a 5kW solar panel system.

Budget Restrictions   

Prices of various types of solar inverters in Pakistan differ greatly. On-grid PV inverters are a bit more cost-effective and also quite easy to install as they send over generated power to their utility grids. So, people on a budget must opt for them. Besides, off-grid inverters have the plus point of self-sustenance as they store the solar power inside the batteries as soon as the grid goes down.

Check the Durability of the Solar Inverters

The durability of the inverters is another key aspect that must not be foreseen while purchasing the DC to AC inverters for your PV system. Some inverters have performance issues in the rough atmosphere so you should research well and choose that inverter for a solar system that is resilient to extreme weather conditions as purchasing a PV system is mostly once in a lifetime investment for most people.

Top 6 Best Solar Inverters for Home

As per the features and aesthetics described above, here, we have gathered the solar inverters 2021 that will be reliable for the PV systems in your home. They are;

1.      Sunbridge 3000 Off-Grid Inverter


  • Dimensions – 100 X 285 X 334 mm
  • Total output power – 3K Watts
  • Net weight- 6.5kg
  • Efficiency – 90-93%


Sunbridge 3000 Off-Grid Inverter comes with dimensions of 100 X 285 X 334 mm. It runs with about 90-93% solar inverter efficiency. The output waveform of this really light-weighted 6.5kg inverter for a solar system is a pure sine wave that in turn leads to the efficient running of appliances. This inverter operates in the temperature range of -10°C to 50°C.

The output power of this solar inverter in Pakistan is over 3K Watts and is very easy to install too. The output transfer time of this inverter for various home appliances is 20ms. Being amongst the best solar inverter 2021, it has the distinctive function of selectable input voltage range for various home appliances alongside cold start feature. It also comes with a characteristic battery charger design to offer effective battery performance.

2.      Sofar Dual MPPT, Three-Phase Solar Inverter (15KTLX-G3)


  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Output Current- 23.9A
  • Output Power- 15K Watts
  • Starting Input Voltage- 160V
  • Dimensions – 520 X 430 X 189 mm
  • Net Weight- 20 kg
  • Efficiency – 98.6%


SOFARSOLAR is amongst the top-notch and best solar inverter 2021 companies of China currently.  Its operating temperature range lies between -30° to 60°C. With 5 years warranty, this inverter provides 15K watts output power and 23.9 A output current. This inverter is reported to run appliances with 98.6% solar inverter efficiency. Its size is 520 X 430 X 189 mm weighing 20 kg. The required input voltage to star these DC to AC inverters is over 160V. It can operate in adverse humidity ranges and high altitudes too.

These Sofar PV inverters come with additional benefits of current leakage protection besides direct current reverse polarity protection. It also monitors the ground faults to protect your PV system from any future damage. This inverter for the PV system is engineered with a cooling fan in order to prevent it from over-heating.

3.      Suntrio Plus 10K On-Grid Three Phase Inverter



  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Dimensions – 530 X 355 X 200 mm
  • Total output power – 10K Watts
  • Net weight- 23 kg
  • Efficiency – 97.6%


With up to 5 years warranty, Suntrio Plus 10K On-Grid Three Phase Inverter provides 10K watts output power. This inverter is quite easy to install and measures as 530 X 355 X 200 mm. It provides power outputs without any derating up to over 2000m altitudes. This PV inverter is capable of operating in the temperature range of -25 to 60°C and has peak solar inverter efficiency of over 97.6%, making it amongst one of the best seller solar inverters in Pakistan currently. Furthermore, it features a 3.5 inches backlight LCD display. This inverter for solar system costs over 135,000 rupees but it’s worth every penny!

4.      Sofar Single Phase Dual MPPT Solar Inverter (5KTLM-G2)


  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Dimensions – 405 X 315 X 135 mm
  • Total output power – 5K Watts
  • Output current – 22.8 A
  • Net weight- 11.5 kg
  • Efficiency – 98%


Weighing around 11.5 kg, this inverter measures 405 X 315 X 135 mm. It functions in between -25° to 60°C ambient temperature range. The output power for this solar inverter in Pakistan is over 5K Watts with a 22.8A output current. It is rated as the best solar inverter 2021 as it’s equipped with 98% solar inverter efficiency. What outshines this inverter from its competing PV inverters is the dual fused MPP tracker for even better output!

5.      Sunbridge 4000 Off-Grid Inverter


  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Dimensions – 100 X 300 X 440 mm
  • Total output power – 4K Watts
  • Output current – 100 A
  • Net weight- 9 kg
  • Efficiency – 90 to 93%


Sunbridge offers a range of reliable solar inverters in Pakistan with over 10 years warranty. This brand provides the lightest DC to AC inverters. The model weighs 9 kg and has dimensions of 100 X 300 X 440 mm. Likewise, it has solar inverter efficiency ranging from 90 to 93%. This PV Inverter provides up to 4K watts output power and 100 A output current. Its operating temperature range lies between -10°C to 50°C.

This inverter has DC to AC input voltage ranging from 90-280 V for various home appliances besides the auto-sensing abilities. On the other hand, It inhibits the overcharging above 33 VDC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of solar inverters?

The expected lifespan of solar inverters ranges from 10 to 20 years. Their durability varies depending upon a number of factors like the surrounding atmospheric conditions, the inverter brands, maintenance, faulty installation, quality, over-voltage, and incorrect choice of solar batteries.

Do solar inverters make noise?

At night, solar inverters don’t make any noise at all because no solar energy conversion occurs at night time. During the day, you would hardly hear gentle humming produced by the DC to AC inverters. However, cheaper inverter models typically during high output periods produce beeping sounds.

Is switching to solar power worth it?

If you can manage the initial investment of the PV systems and live in a place receiving suitable solar input, you should promptly switch to solar power as it’s quite environment friendly and it also helps you cut down on the electricity bills.

Do solar inverters produce power at night?

No, solar inverters only produce power during the daytime because they are connected to solar panels which only run upon exposure to sunlight. Besides, PV inverters produce a bit less power on overcast days.

Final Verdict

Solar inverters are the workhorse of PV systems, they are mainly responsible for the conversion of AC to DC energy. Thus, in order to ensure minimal loss of energy while getting it to the batteries and further utilization, selection of the best solar inverter model is needed. Our listed products assist you in narrowing down the choice for the best solar inverter in Pakistan for your PV system.

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