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September 3, 2020
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Cost Effective Energy Source for Residents of Pakistan

Inverters and Batteries in Pakistan

We all have been watching our planet getting warmer every day as the burning of fossil fuels has dramatically increased. This warm and extreme climate is causing floods, heat waves, hurricanes, and much more to be sad about. Fortunately, we have something to use as a source of energy instead of fossil fuels. That lifesaver source is solar energy. On top of that, the dropping cost of solar PV components and modules has made it easier for everyone to afford this cheaper source of energy. Maxpower, Pakistan’s leading solar energy company in Pakistan is making a lot of ways to bring cheap energy sources for homeowners and businesses of Pakistan. Joining the world in the solar revolution, we have brought better energy sources for residents of Pakistan.

Highly Efficient Solar Inverter Pakistan

Inverters are what we call the brain of solar PV system. Inverter plays an important role in the management and operation of these systems. A grid tied solar inverter operates by taking the solar power from your roof and converts it to AC power. The power is then fed to the switchboard of your property. Pushing more power into the cables require more power and pressure. The required power is fed into the cable by increasing the AC voltage. This is where our Grid tie inverter comes in. It helps manage the power supply by constantly monitoring the AC voltage and managing the supply according to electricity distribution parameters.

Grid Tie Inverter Pakistan with a great mix of features

When having smaller mains, managing power supply through cables can be challenging. This problem is avoided with a three phase solar inverter by Max Power. We make sure that Saj inverters at max power are capable enough to meet the requirements of the system at your property. The Max Power inverter is capable of converting the solar power to alternating current power that is fed into all the three phases equally and efficiently. When compared to a single phase inverter, three phase max power inverter Pakistan would efficiently feed power evenly into each of the three phases. A grid tied three-phase Saj inverter is all you need when you intend to install a solar PV system to your three phase network. These inverters are capable of producing the most suitable and secure connection for supply of power to your property.

Three phase inverters with matchless quality and performance

At Max Power, we offer a wide range of three phase grid tied inverters with a number of dependable features. We bring the most trusted solar products to ensure that our customers buy quality products that suit their budget and other requirements. Our three phase inverters will result in less voltage and frequency fluctuations as well as less tripping. This leads to a less problematic and stable operation when your network requires more than one phase. If you want to buy a system having an inverter larger than 5Kw, look no further than three-phase solar inverters by Max Power. A total inverter with a larger capacity will require you to use a three phase inverter and a nicely divided voltage and balanced phases.

On-grid Three Phase Inverters

Suntrio Plus 4K/5K/6K/8K/10K

SAJ has been producing dependable solar products for years and has earned a great reputation with its Solar Inverters. The 4K/5K/6K/8K and10K SAJ inverters come with multiple features for your convenience. You will not be shocked by max power 5kw inverter in Pakistan as it is reasonably priced. The MTTP of this is efficient and compatible with all kinds of solar roofs. IT supports all the solar panels and is capable of taking the wide input of 150V-1000V. You can conveniently install these inverters using the quick connector design. The inverter offers a one-button safety setting and easy configuration. You can have a data storage for twenty-five years, integrated LCD display, Wi-Fi interface, and capability of remote maintenance. The aluminum design prevents corrosion and helps in heat tolerance. The built-in voltage DC switch is to maintain easily and safely.

Suntrio Plus 12K/15K/17K/20K

Being a perfect choice for commercial use, these three-phase PV grid tied inverters are highly efficient, easy to install, and reliable. The MPPT efficiency is greater than 99.5% and is compatible to operate with varying rooftop power stations. Maxpower sells inverters at an affordable mppt based solar inverter price in Pakistan. These inverters support a wide voltage range of 150-1000V and varying battery board specifications. The easy to install design of this inverter comes with Wi-Fi access, remote maintenance of mobile phones, and reactive power regulation function. The aluminum design ensures the anti-corrosion capability and long-lasting service. There are a high voltage DC switch and a built-in fan that works to reduce the temperature.

Suntrio Plus 25K/33K/40K/50K/60K

Continuing to deliver quality solar products, Max Power has served its customers by committing to the highest standards of integrity and hard work. Our Suntrio Plus 25K/33K/40K/50K/60K three phase grid tie inverters have been preferred by thousands of users for commercial and industrial use. They turn PV DC current into AC Current for the equipment or power grid of the property. These inverters have optimized the global MPPT algorithm. With maximum efficiency of 98%, you can install it as per the requirements of different rooftop power stations. With user interactive and easy to install features, the maintenance and usage have been made a breeze by SAJ. You can set all the parameters with just one key. These quality inverters come with integrated RS232/RS485 interface and Wi-Fi access. Moreover, you can remotely manage the inverters using mobile phones. Aluminum design is for safe and easier use and maintenance.

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