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Sununo Plus 5K-M On-Grid Single Phase Inverter

Quick Overview

Small three-phase PV grid-connected inverters are mainly used in residential PV grid-connected systems, to convert PV DC current to AC current for use in residential electrical equipment or for sale to the power grid. Sununo Plus Series 3K-M, 4K-M, 5K-M & 6K-M Grid-connected Inverters are the preferred inverters for residential PV investment because of their small size, light weight, high efficiency, easy installation, and reliability.


Brand SAJ
Product Code SUN-5
Warranty 5 Years
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Sununo Plus 5K-M On-Grid Single Phase Inverter


Sununo plus 5K-M consists of an on-grid type inverter and comes in single-phase, thus, considered as a suitable solar inverter model for home. This inverter is mainly used in PV grid-connected systems so that it converts DC power into AC, which will be used in residential electrical equipment. This solar inverter price in Pakistan is 214,500 rupees; there are also different solar inverter price-lists for variants having different power ratios.

Some of the important features these inverter offers are;

  • The power capacity of is about 5KW.
  • It comes with a 5 years warranty.
  • The usual efficiency is about 97.5%, maximum efficiency level is 97.9%.

Suitable Conditions

The consumption of this inverter at night is greater than 2W, at standby its 6 watts. The temperature range required to operate this inverter is -25 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius. The non-condensing ambient humidity of this model is 0 to 100% and an altitude of up to 2000 m comes without power derating.

Ease in Installation

The dimensions of this inverter are 454 x 355 x 150 inches. Net weight is about 14.8 kg. This model is considered the best solar inverter 2021 because of its convenient installation. It is small, light in weight, and transform-less. The Sununo Plus 5K-M On-Grid Solar Inverter comes with a special mounting design which makes it easy to install. Real panel types mounting systems are used in this On-grid single-phase solar inverter.

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Working Data

The accessed DC power this inverter gives is 6050 watts. The input (DC) voltage range of this model is;

  • Max DC voltage is 600 volts.
  • The nominal DC voltage is about 360 volts.
  • The voltage required for starting up—100 volts
  • Minimum DC voltage almost—80 volts.
  • MPPT voltage ranges from 90 to 550 V.
  • There are MPPT modules used in this model.

Coming up to the output (AC) ranges;

  • The rated AC power has 4600 watts.
  • Maximum AC power is 4600 or 5000 watts.
  • It comes with a rated AC of 20.0 or 21.7 – the maximum AC is 22.2/25.0 A.
  • The nominal AC voltage ranges from 220 to 240 volts.

The frequency range, this inverter gives is about 50 to 60 Hz.  It consists of an adjustable power factor of 0.9 leading or lagging. This model gives the THDi (total harmonic distortion) at nominal power is greater than 3%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my inverter on all the time?

If you are leaving your inverter on, that means it’s using continuous AC (alternate current) power. This will not change any of your settings like clock settings, etc. on devices. You can also leave the solar inverter on while you are on a trip if you want to charge your devices or want them to keep working.

Does an inverter use power if nothing is plugged in?

Yes, an inverter can still use a bit of power if no appliances or devices are plugged in with it. If you connected the inverter with your car’s battery and let it stay on, then it will surely use about 10 percent of the inverter’s power.

How long do inverter batteries take to charge?

The charging time of the inverter’s battery is dependent on the battery’s size like small batteries take the time up to 12 to 16 hours and large ones take about 36 to 48 hours. The charging time of a battery can be reduced by using various stage charge methods or higher charge currents.





Technical Specification

Input (DC)
Recommended accessed DC power1 [W] 6050
Max. DC Voltage [V] 600
MPPT Voltage Range [V] 90-550
Nominal DC Voltage [V] 360
Start Voltage [V] 100
Min. DC Voltage [V] 80
Max. DC Input Current PV1/PV2 [A] 11/11
Number of MPPT 2
Number of DC Connections Sets per MPPT 1/1
DC Switch Integrated
Output (AC)
Rated AC Power [W] 46003/5000
Max. AC Power [W] 4600/5000
Rated AC Current [A] 20.0/21.7
Max. AC Current [A] 22.2/25.0
Nominal AC Voltage / Range 220V, 230V, 240V/180V-280V
Grid Frequency / Range 50Hz, 60Hz/±5Hz
Power Factor, Adjustable [cos φ] 0.9 leading ~ 0.9 lagging
Total Harmonic Distortion [THDi] <3% (at Nominal Power)
Feed-in 1L + N + PE
Max. Efficiency 97.9%
Euro Efficiency (at 360Vdc) 97.5%
MPPT Accuracy >99.9%
Internal Over-Voltage Protection Integrated
DC Insulation Monitoring Integrated
DCI / GFCI / Grid Monitoring Integrated
AC Short Circuit Current Protection Integrated
Thermal Protection Integrated
Anti-island Protection Monitoring AFD
DC Connection MC4/H4
AC Connection Plug-in Connector
LCD / LED Display LCD (16×2 Characters, Backlight) / LED (3 Lights)
Display Language English
Communication Port RS232
Communication Wi-fi / GPRS / Ethernet  (Optional)
General Data
Topology Transformerless
Consumption at Night [W] <0.2
Consumption at Standby [W] 6
Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +60°C (45°C to 60°C with Derating)
Cooling Method Natural Convection
Ambient Humidity 0% – 100% Non-condencing
Altitude Up to 2000 m (without power derating)
Noise(DBA) <25
Ingress Protection IP65 (Indoor and Outdoor installation)
Mounting Rear Panel
Dimensions (H*W*D) [mm] 454*355*150
Net Weight [kg] 14.8
Standard Warranty  [year] 5 (Standard) 10/15/20/25 (Optional)
Certificates IEC/EN62109-1/2,  EN61000-6-2/3/4, IEC61683, IEC60068-2, IEC62116, IEC61727, PEA/MEA, VDE0126-1-1/A1, CEI 0-21, VDE-AR-N 4105, AS/ZS4777.2, CQC NB/T 32004, G83/2, NBR 16149, NBR 16150,  C10/11, UNE206006,  UNE206007, EN50438



Flexible and Efficient

  • Optimized global MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency higher than 99.5%
  • Asymmetric dual MPPT which are compatible to all kinds of solar roofs
  • Max. efficiency of 98.0%, European efficiency of 97.6%
  • Super wide input voltage range(150V-1000V), supporting all varieties of solar panels and string desings

Convenient Installation

  • Transformless, smaller and lighter
  • AC output quick connector design, for faster installation
  • Specialized mounting design, easy to install

Smart and Easy to Use

  • One-button safety setting, easy configuration of all parameters
  • Built-in independent RTC chip, supporting data storage of 25 years
  • Integrated LCD graphical display, showing daily/monthly/yearly generation
  • Integrated RS232 / Wi-Fi interfaces, for improved communication
  • Free monitoring anytime anywhere
  • Local and remote intelligent maintenance by PC, IOS and Android devices
  • Responds to power grid dispatching, energy management of micro-grids
  • Integrated with the function of reactive adjusting

Safe and Reliable

  • IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Aluminum case design to enhance heat dissipation and prevent rust corrosion, prolong life time
  • Built-in high voltage DC switch for safer maintenance and application
  • Built-in convective fans to lower the temperature of core components, prolong life time
  • Natural convection for longer life


  1. 1000W/M2 25°C
  2. Meet the grid standard that AC current per phase not exceeding 16A.
  3. Meet the VDE – ARN – N 4105 that biggest apparent power of single-phase is 4600 VA.
  4. The above parameters might be slightly modified according to different grid codes.


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