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March 6, 2021
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Suntronic 6000 Duo Hybrid Inverter

Quick Overview

The Suntronic PV6000 DUO Hybrid Solar inverter is viable to feed the grid-tariff. This solar inverter model has a maximum PV array power capacity of up to 6000 Watts. The related output power is 6000 Watts. Likewise, the maximum open circuit voltage range of the PV array is 430 VDC. As being a powerful solar inverter, it adheres a voltage range as PV input of 120 ¬ 430 VDC.

  • The operating voltage range of the MPPT module is up to 120 VDC.
  • The potential of PV input current can reach up to 27 A.
  • The MPPT module has single MPP tracker.
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Max Power Suntronic 6000 Duo Hybrid Inverter

  • Rated Power 6000W
  • Max PV Array Power 6500W
  • Parallel Operation Up to 9 Units
  • Max PV Input Current 27A
  • Built in Wifi

Technical Specifications