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Sunbridge 2000 Solar Inverter

Quick Overview

Regardless of whether it is a photovoltaic system for a single – or multi-family home, an agricultural or industrial building, or a megawatt power station; MaxPower inverters reliably and efficiently convert direct current into mains-compliant alternating current.


Brand Max Power
Product Code SB-2000
Warranty 18 Months
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Sunbridge 2000 Solar Inverter

The Sunbridge 2000 solar inverter is integrated with durable construct that allows conversion of DC to AC power with higher efficiency—the voltage inverter is applicable for up to single, multi, family or commercial use. The MaxPower claims the solar inverter model to be in the most reliable category for residential to industrial use. Here, are some sneak peaks for the performance;

  • The Sunbridge dc to ac inverter has a working capacity of 2400VA (1600 watts).
  • The input voltage range of the ac inverter is 230 VAC.
  • The adjustable voltages are 90-280 VAC or 170-280 VAC.
  • Frequency acquired is 50 to 60 Hz, integrated with auto sensing.

Output Capability

The sunbridge 2000 solar inverter by MaxPower gives out an AC power regulation with battery mode of 230 VAC ±10%. The dc to ac conversion efficiency given out by the sunbridge 2000 solar inverter is up to 85%—while with a transfer time of 20 ms. The waveform expelled out is simulated sine wave that ensures better transfer.


The suitable battery voltage is 24 V (DC), while having floating charge voltage of 27.4 VDC ±0.5 VDC. To prevent the battery from over charging damage, the solar inverter is integrated with over charging protective feature—at 30 VDC ±1VDC.

Working Efficiency

The type of solar charger used in the solar inverter is MPPT. The PV array open circuit has a maximum voltage capacity of 100 VDC. On the other hand, the maximum PV array power range is up to 1200 Watts. The Sunbridge solar inverter has a MPP range for operating voltage of 30 to 80 VDC. Likewise, the maximum solar charge current is 50 Amperes, while giving off a maximum AC charge current of 10A/20A.

Ease in Installation

The Sunbridge solar inverter is easy to install and set up with the solar panel system. The model only weighs 4.8 kgs. On the other side, the dimensions of the voltage inverter are 272 X 212 X 127 mm (D X W X H). the sleek design allows the user to place it wherever, without any space hassle.

Suitable Conditions

The temperature range for the solar inverter to work efficiently is from 0° to 55°C. While tolerating a relative humidity range of 0 to 90% (non-condensing). For the storage, the temperature range for the ac inverter is -15° to 55°C. The Sunbridge Solar Inverter is one of the best solar inverters 2021—rather as residential or commercial inverters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a PV inverter?

The photovoltaic plates produce energy in the form of direct current DC—these are needed to be converted in the form of alternating current AC. As, the standard home appliance don’t work on DC power. The PV inverter is responsible for the conversion of the DC into AC current.

What is the best solar inverter for home?

Depending on the performance, the Sunbridge 2000 solar inverter is the best solar inverter for home—that gives off a working capacity of 2400 VA (Watts). While, according to your need, Maxpower provides you efficiently working;

Technical Specification


  • Simulated sine wave inverter
  • Wide input voltage range: 90-280 VAC
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Combines LCD display and LED indicator for
    comprehensive information