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Maxpower Zero-Export Device

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12 reviews for Maxpower Zero-Export Device

  1. Ch Talha Hassan

    The smart meter works as an export limiter with SAJ, Sofar, Solis, Growatt and Huawei Grid-tied inverters

  2. Ch Talha Hassan

    Very nice Meter

  3. Faraz

    Economical and reliable!

  4. Muhammad Luqman

    Mashallah sir very nice meter

  5. Abdullah

    This Meter has all characteristics of Chint+Eastron+Acrel Meter

  6. Abdullah

    Does it work with Huawei 100-KTL?

  7. Ch Talha Hassan

    Yes, tested and working with SAJ/SOFAR/SOLIS/GROWATT/HUAWEI/KNOX

  8. Abdullah

    Does it work with Huawe?

  9. Engr. Mirza Mehran Baig

    I have used this meter with sun2000 20 ktl huawei. worked fine just like chint meter. Recommended product. And good initiative in R&D.

  10. Malik haseeb

    Universal product
    Easy to use
    Recommended product

  11. Ateeq ur Rehman

    Working perfectly with Growatt 12KTL in Tech-society Lahore since Dec 2021

  12. Mehran

    Installed with 30.ktl huawie and with 10,11 kw growatt. Working fine. Good product

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