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August 9, 2020
Infini VII 3K Hybrid Solar Inverter with Energy Storage
August 9, 2020
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Infini VII 5K Hybrid Solar Inverter with Energy Storage

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Quick Overview

The Max Power Inverters has soft start technology which protects your sensitive equipment, like Televisions, Computers and Audio Systems, by restoring power more gradually. This helps you appliances adapt to the change in power source without experiencing a power surge.


BrandMax Power
Product CodeINFINI VII-5KW
Warranty18 Months
User GuideDownload PDF
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Infini VII 5K Hybrid Solar Inverter with Energy Storage

The Max Power infini VII 5K comes with the warranty of 18 months that backs you up even if the system fails due to any cause. Moving to the power eligibility of the inverter, it adheres a maximum PV array power of 5000 W with the same potential of rated output power. Likewise, giving off the maximum array open circuit voltage of 450 VDC. Here;

  • The MPPT module Range of the model is from 120 to 430 VDC.
  • The nominal output voltage coverage is 220/230/240 VAC.
  • The output voltage range is precisely selectable that is; 184-264.5 VAC or 195.5-253 VAC.
  • Also, featuring the power factor of below 0.99.

Working Efficiency

The Infini DC to AC inverters are considered as the best solar inverters in Pakistan because of working efficiency—explicitly giving a conversion rate of 93% with 5KW energy potential. The waveform as the output is pure sinewave that helps in better efficiency. As for the current potential of the battery & charger, the nominal DC voltage is 48 VDC. On the other hand, the maximum solar charge, AC charge and simple current is 80 A respectively.

Ease in Installation

The dimensions of the solar inverter are easy to integrate when there are storage issues—120 X 295 X 468 (D X W X H). The Infini Solar Inverter has a gross weight of 26 pounds (12 kg’s). The sleeky design has made it easy to place neatly without disturbing the aesthetics of the environment.

  • User Manual: for setting up of the model, the solar inverter comes with the user guide—that explains every possibility to cover while setting up. Also, the step-by-step procedure for integration with the solar panels, and other components.


The model doesn’t leave you blinded with the current flow and status of working—the LCD screen displays the conversion efficiency, operativity, amperage, output and input. Also, if the device faces any failure, the beeping of the solar inverter alerts the users.

Suitable Environment Conditions

The solar ac inverter by Infini suitably works in dry conditions but also tolerate humidity level of up to 90% (non-condensing). The operating temperature range for the Infini V2 5KW hybrid solar panel inverter is -10 to 55° C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solar inverter?

The solar panels are responsible of collecting and changing the radiations from the sun into the electrical energy. As the electrical energy is attained in the form of direct current that cannot be used by the appliances. Thus, the DC to AC power inverter (solar inverter) is connected. this converts the DC into alternating current for regular use.

Can I connect a solar panel directly to a battery?

Connecting the solar panels directly to the bulk or single battery without intriguing the solar inverters might work, but this isn’t proper way. The main reason is the different between the required voltages and being generated by the solar panels. Thus, for the optimization and prevent the loss of energy, the solar inverters are helpful. here are some of the best power inverters;

Technical Specification

Max. PV Array Power5000W
Rated Output Power5000W
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage450 VDC
MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage120 VDC ~ 430 VDC
MPP Tracker Number1
Nominal Output Voltage220/230/240 VAC
Output Voltage Range184 – 264.5 VAC or 195.5 – 253 VAC (Selectable)
Nominal Output Current21.7A
Power Factor> 0.99
Maximum Conversion Efficiency (DC/AC)95%
Acceptable Input Voltage Range90 – 280 VAC or 170 – 280 VAC
Frequency Range50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing)
Maximum AC Input Current40 A
Nominal Output Voltage220/230/240 VAC
Output WaveformPure Sinewave
Efficiency (DC to AC)93%
Nominal DC Voltage48 VDC
Maximum Solar Charge Current80 A
Maximum AC Charge Current80 A
Maximum Charge Current80 A
Dimension, D X W X H (mm)120 x 295 x 468
Net Weight (kgs)12
Parallel FunctionYes, 9 units
Communication PortUSB, RS-232 and dry contact
Humidity0 ~ 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature-10 to 55°C


  • Pure sine wave output
  • Self-consumption and Feed-in to the grid
  • Programmable supply priority for PV, Battery or Grid
  • User-adjustable battery charging current and voltage
  • Programmable multiple operation modes: Grid-tie, off-grid and grid-tie with backup
  • Monitoring software for real-time status display and control
  • Parallel operation up to 9 units
  • Battery Independent system

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