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What are the different types of solar inverters?

Solar power is a natural source of power that produces electricity. People in love with Eco-friendly concepts can go with the idea of using solar power. There are no emissions from this solar so it is good and pollution-free to the environment. There is no need to worry about electricity consumption because solar power installation can be a great investment deal for all household and other uses.

Solar Inverters

The process work of solar inverter starts with a combination of solar panel kits, such as making layout, cells, making connections with bus wire and measuring the voltage. In simple words, a solar inverter is a combination of different solar panels used to consume natural sources of solar energy. In terms of technical manner, a solar inverter converts DC power source distributed by solar rays into an AC power source, which is connected and distributed differently.

Different types of Solar Inverters

There are different versions of solar inverters. And here is the list of different types of solar inverters.

  1. Common String Inverters

The workability of common string inverters is mainly concentrated on those strings attached inside the solar panel. An inverter is a box of the tubular batteries holding different rows of solar panels and solar strings. And the standard string inverters receives a DC power source form solar array and converts them to the strings attached to strings. Finally, these strings deliver converted AC power to the necessary applications.

  1. Micro Inverters

It is nothing different than standard string inverters. But the main difference is that they appear to be small in size and hold a capacity slightly more than string inverters. The micro-inverters receives DC power individually and convert them separately into an AC power source installed for the different application.

  1. Central inverters

The central inverters are quite different than string and micro-inverters. The activities of the central inverters handle the centralized approach. The central inverters combine all DC power sources to a central box of the panel, where it gets converted into an AC power source for all necessary requirements.

  1. Battery inverters

The battery inverters contribute their design of activities in terms of standard string inverters. Moreover, the battery inverters create a power using DC from solar arrays which converts it into an AC power source. But the only difference it shows from string inverters is that battery inverters can be chargeable on its own term.

  1. Hybrid inverters

The hybrid inverters are an advanced version string and battery-based inverters. These hybrid inverters are designed to convert the DC power to different solar strings attached to particular rows of power. And then it receives the converted version of the solar array to an AC power source. Apparently, hybrid inverters produce a battery power system based on strings.

Finally, the bottom line is that all these different types of solar inverters designed and perceived with the different intension of work. Moreover, all the functions of these solar inverters are created in favor of the environment.

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