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September 3, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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The future of energy and the importance of alternative energy

Global energy demand is rising as a result of the growing population with a high standard of living.

Experts agree that global energy demand is likely to double by the year 2050 compared with the level in 2000. At the same time, it was not dealing with the climate change caused by carbon dioxide and other emissions from the most important environmental pressures than it is today.

Meeting these challenges requires a radical change in the global energy system and a range of new energy resources. Achieving these changes, however, requires a massive collective effort, given the sheer size of the energy system and the accelerating demand for energy.

Why do we need renewable energies?

In addition, renewable energy is ‘renewable’ and is environmentally friendly and does not leave large residues such as fossil fuels, as it will not increase pollution or lead to global warming. Of course, we need to move to this type of energy because we are forced to do so if we are to continue to live on this planet for our subsequent generations.

On the one hand, fuel is on the decline for decades and could be saved entirely. On the other hand, over the past decades and since the Industrial Revolution, we have consumed a great deal of the Earth’s resources and caused great harm environment, If high levels of polluting emissions, which are now causing global warming, started to take shape, especially in recent years, with drought for many years in some areas in return for large floods and giant storms elsewhere, or climate change.

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