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September 3, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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Solar-powered auto irrigation system

Irrigation is the application of controlled amounts of water to plants as per need in different intervals. Irrigation helps grow crops and maintain landscapes.

There are various irrigation systems used by farmers in modern days. Irrigation is the central feature of agriculture and is the product of many cultures. In agriculture, it is very important to maintain the level of water where the crops have been planted.

With the rapid increase of technology, farming has been much easier, eradicating the old methods and introducing the most effective easier and clean ways of irrigation.

One of the most emerging methods is Solar powered Auto irrigation system.

In the agriculture field, it is very difficult to control water manually. In many countries, electricity has many issues. So one of the best ways to save energy and to keep the best check and to enhance the efficiency we recommend to use the solar-powered auto system. In this system, solar charge controller is used to store dc power of solar panels in batteries. This stored power is used to power water pumps automatically.

Farming is most common in developing countries. Pakistan is one of them in which farming is the main source of earning. Pakistan’s economy depends highly on the agricultural field. Using safer and easy ways would be beneficial to increase the economy of the country. Leaving behind the old methods, we highly recommend to take benefit of this great technology ,’solar auto irrigation system’,  which would result in reducing bills and the automatic system would be much easy to handle. Gone are the days when farming was the most difficult job. Thanks to the solar energy system.

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