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September 3, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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Pollution and the importance of clean energy

Pollution is defined as a change in the nature of the environment or its components that negatively affects its natural balance, causing damage to human health or any other living organism.

The pollution is caused either by natural causes such as gases produced by volcanoes or artificial causes such as those produced by the use of fuel for various purposes such as manufacturing Transport or transportation or power plants that use petroleum and its derivatives as well as radioactive waste, oil spill leaks to water bodies, sanitation, use of pesticides, etc.

The process of generating energy is one of the major causes of pollution, both directly and indirectly. The most prominent images are gases and harmful particles emitted from the burning of fossil fuels, the leakage of crude oil to the seas and oceans and the phenomenon of thermal absorption as well as pollutants resulting from the use of nuclear energy.

Advantages, Benefits, and Importance of Renewable Energy Use:

Renewable energy is characterized by several advantages and benefits directly or indirectly summarized in the following points:
Renewable energy is inexhaustible.
Provide clean energy free from waste (all kinds).
First, it aims to protect human health.
Preserving the natural environment.
With a simple production cost.
Improving human life and reducing poverty.
Securing new job opportunities.
Reduction of harmful emissions and thermal emissions and dangerous consequences.
The decrease in the number and severity of natural disasters resulting from global warming.
Do not form acid rain that harms all crops and life forms.
The large extent of the formation and accumulation of harmful waste in all its forms (gaseous, liquid and solid).
Protect all living organisms, especially endangered species.
Protection of groundwater, rivers, seas, and fisheries from pollution.
Contribution to food security.
Increase the productivity of agricultural crops as a result of their elimination of chemical and gas contaminants.

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