Solar Energy an Emerging market in Pakistan
September 3, 2020
Solar-powered auto irrigation system
September 3, 2020
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Latest Solar Power Products

To the world of today where we live, the only survival and reliance is the betterment of livelihood. Modern days have given us many opportunities to embark upon it and live a better life. One of the emerging sciences gives the utilization of solar energy into various forms.

It will not be astonishing to know that there are numerous products, gadgets running by solar energy utilization. The world’s technology innovators have found a safer, clean and natural source to provide eco-conscious products in a better way.

Here coming to the point listing down a few products:

Solar cell phone charger: The small size of the creative edge charger means you can easily leave it on a window or the corner of the desk to charge in the sunlight

Solar-powered generator: In countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh where the electricity bills and load shedding is a big issue here comes a solar-powered generator.

Solar conditioning:  Ac is a huge energy suck and is needed most when and where the sun shines brightest. Stay cool or calm without high energy bills.

Here is the list of the few products:

Solar balloon solar chimney

Solar calculator solar cooker solar dryer

Solar keyboard solar inverter solar notebook

Solar bus

Solar car

Solar thermal rocket

Solar boat

Solar spark lighter

Solar traffic light

Now we will look at the solar energy system in Pakistan. Frequent load shedding, high electricity bills, blackouts and never-ending UPS battery issues. Pakistan’s electricity issue who else is not aware of it. This is the time to most of the products should be converted to solar energy systems for the betterment of the country and for a safe clean environment and with less budget once setup is good enough for the rest of life.

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