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October 20, 2021
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8 Reasons Why You Must Turn to Solar Panel Systems?

Are you tired of frequent load shedding? or repeating inflation in electricity prices. Depending on the electrical energy been provided by the national grid can sometimes cause little to big menaces—although, the solar energy alternatively is proven to be pure from those problems. Whether it is blackout or load shedding, energy outages are common in rural areas, on the other hand, solar energy is able to handle them explicitly. As unlimited energy is given out daily by the sun, the solar panel system thus has an unlimited source of fuel to generate electricity out of it. Here, we have described the convincing factors that will let answer you that why you must turn to solar energy.

Top 8 Factors Why Solar Energy is a Must

Solar panel systems are eminently taking over the electrical energy arena with their reliability, efficiency, and durability—in the last few years (2019), the solar energy production from the modules around the globe has collectively reached 140 gigawatts, wherein 2000, it was around 238 megawatts. Although, up to the current date, only 2% of the world’s total energy has been taken over by the solar panel system.

As the world is moving towards renewable energy sources, solar panel systems have contributed their part to it. Here, are the factors that are viable for anyone to understand that why one must turn its energy sources into solar panel systems.

  • No Blackouts, Load Shedding, or Power Outages
  • No Monthly Billing
  • Beating Out the Electrical Inflation
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Increase in Home Value
  • Totally Green Environment
  • Valuable Investment 

No Blackouts, Load Shedding, or Power Outages

The power outages are one of the biggest living style problems one might face in a rural place—the solar panel systems are helpful in encountering the menaces. The independent type of solar panel system that doesn’t need to be connected to the grid (Off-grid) allows the user to be free of whether there is energy being provided in the grid or not.

Load Shedding is usually caused by technical fault but in developing countries like Pakistan, it has a major concerned related to power shortfall. This usually happens when the energy being produced by the national grid doesn’t meet the requirement—solar panel systems keep the user safe from these hassles. The solar battery banks provide energy to the place even when there is no energy being generated by the solar panels.

Sudden Black Outs can cause cumulative damages to the appliances—thus, when there will be no connection to the grid for the energy, then the appliances will be safe from them. Solar panel systems are integrated with charge controllers and inverters that allow them to be protected in case of any fault. Here to gain more knowledge of How to Outbeat Blackouts with Stored Solar Energy?

No Monthly Billing

This is one of the useful reasons why a person should install solar panel systems—rather than being bounded to pay extensive electrical bills monthly, the solar panel systems continuously generate electricity letting the consumer be free from timely paying.

Likewise, the psychological pressure of getting monthly or periodic bill payments with the burden of keeping minimum use of appliances really takes that peace of mind—but with the solar panel systems that are grid-tied, one can save up to 50 – 85% over the monthly electrical bills. On the other hand, during the winters, as the user gets significantly decreased, the saving ratio goes proportionally high.

Beating Out the Electrical Inflation

One of the hectic sides of depending on national providers for electricity is Inflation. Suppose the price for electricity that one is paying right now is 90 cents for a unit, but after a year it might exceed a dollar per unit. Likewise, the price for the same unit after five years would be 3X to 5X that of current now.

Now, let’s take this into terms of monthly spending—the electrical bill you are currently paying for using 500 units of energy is 600$, but after a couple of years, due to inflation, the price for the same number of units will be double or more.

How solar panel systems are useful to beat electrical inflation?

As the solar panel systems are a one-time investment, then one owns his electrical production. As the electricity is produced in its own state without being connected to the grid. Thus, no matter what rate is out there, there is no interference of commercial electrical costs to the source of your electricity (the sun doesn’t charge to shine).

Easy Installation

The installation of the solar panel is likewise not a great hassle, no need of ripping off any household structure, here is the procedure that can take place if you need to get initiated with a solar panel system;

  • Take a rough estimate of how many appliances you will be operating in your place.
  • Calculate the estimated power needed to run the place.
  • In case, of not having the knowledge or idea—a professional solar expert like Maxpower, can be helpful.
  • After getting quotes from a solar supplier, you can have the PV system installed in your place.
  • As for the solar panel system for home or any other commercial place, the solar price depends on the number of productive components you require.
  • The solar panel system DIY installation is likely possible but it requires a hand full of technical knowledge—you can read our blog; 101 Beginners Guide for Solar Battery Installation.
  • The solar experts cover every side with the installation of PV system; from telling you what place would be best for installation to turning connecting to solar energy—they cover end to end.

Low Maintenance

The solar panel systems don’t require that much care for them to operate swiftly. Although, it doesn’t like that they don’t need maintenance at all. here, one can practice some minor to major things to maintain the solar panel systems.

  • Solar panels need to be cleaned periodically—dust and grime layer over the plates can affect the efficiency of the plates, thus required to be cleaned.
  • Make sure to clean the vents, this will allow the solar panel to not get overheated.
  • The wiring must not be tangled over, make sure it doesn’t get mixed up badly, otherwise, it can deteriorate.
  • Inspect the switches from time to time, see if they haven’t defected.
  • Although, the componential maintenance required for the solar panel system is usually little to none—as they work viably without typically showing any kinds of hurdles to be maintained.

Increase in Home Value

The installation of a solar energy system on any residential to commercial place affects the home value positively—it increases the home value at an exponential ratio depending on the veracity of the property. The rental criterion is likewise escalated—for a home or place that is been integrated with solar power can have the added benefits. You put this as; first, you were only charging for the house, now you are selling the electricity likewise.

Totally Green Environment

Solar energy is completely free from greenhouse gasses—the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy with the help of PV plates doesn’t harm the environment. On the other hand, as compared to other non-renewable energy sources, let’s take at insight of their disadvantages;

  • In non-renewable energy sources, fossil fuels are consumed to generate electricity that is limited.
  • The burning of coal and other fuels causes global warming, which is an alarming factor.
  • A large source of water is required to produce steam.
  • Maintenance is costly.,
  • The thermal plants have lower overall efficiency.
  • The setup cost is likewise very high.
  • Pollution is a byproduct

On the other hand, energy production through solar panels doesn’t require any burning of fossil fuel, so keeping the environment clean. Here, how solar energy is completely reflective for healthy surroundings.

  • Solar energy eliminates harmful UV rays coming from the sun.
  • It acts conversely over the greenhouse gas emissions, helps to reduce them.
  • Air pollution is lessened—as solar energy is a super clean method.
  • The upfront cost for installation is economical.

For now, only 2 % of the world’s electrical production is done through the photovoltaic method, but according to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), it will be helpful to create an extremely healthy orientated environment, when reaching a threshold of 70% and above.

Valuable Investment (Even Make Money with It!)

Solar energy is likewise compliable for financial gains. After the installation of a solar power system, if it is larger than the capacity or when there is more production than that of usage, what happens to the extra energy being created? Suppose, you are moving somewhere for a few months for a holiday or something, what about the energy that will be created by your panels? Rather than wasting it up or shutting the solar power system, letting it deposit energy in the grid will be more essential.

How solar energy can make money?

The decorum works like this, you deposit electrical energy in the grid (National Electrical Provider), and they in-turn for that give you credit—now, these credits are consumable in two ways, one that you use electrical energy from the grid when your solar system is not generating (in any case; rainy days, night).

On the other hand, if you sustain your own sufficient energy, then the credits can be converted into cash as equivalence to the rate and amount of units. For a detailed overview of how you can make profits with solar energy? Click Here.


Depending on the National Providers for the electrical energy can sometimes create discrepancy—the blackouts, power outages, and load shedding is a prime problem, especially in rural areas. As generating owned electricity, there would be no worry for that. The reasons why you must turn to solar energy are; don’t need to pay electrical bills, increase home value, totally healthy environment, easy installation, and even make a profit by selling electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar panels work at night?

Only when there is a full moon shining it’s bright at night—on the other hand, at the time of casual night where the moon is not that bright, there is no energy production. Usually, the energy generated in the daytime is stored and consumed at night.

How do you check if my solar panels are working properly?

Solar panel systems might have health check lights and display status that tell whether it is working efficiently or not. A solar inverter is usually the component that provides you status for the overall working of the PV system—output & input current/voltage, conversion efficiency, and consumption. If the statistical display is correct, but the PV system is not working properly, consult Maxpower.

Do solar panels work with Moonlight?

The answer is good to hear—Yes! As the moonlight is a reflection of sunlight but the extent of energy production is only noticeable with a full moon. Although, the solar production in half or quarter moon declines likewise.

Is it ok to short circuit a solar panel?

Certainly Not! One might damage a solar plate by shorting it—at being very close to their short circuit, panels are designed to operate continuously. Using an ammeter to quickly test a solar panel by running short-circuited to it can be helpful likewise.

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